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Winlive 12.0.08 - NEW

V 12.0.08
Fixed a bug on saving the metrome if you export a midi to Wav or Mp3
- Filter enancher for Audio files now will be stored
- Now you can change the midi outs also with the WSE+MIDIout setting
- Improvement and optimization on F10 lists

V 12.0.07
- Fixed a bug on media explorer when booking a song in DJ mode
- New guide to adjust Audio Video sync accuracy (MAC version only)
- Various optimizations

V 12.0.06
- Optimization of the metronome precount
- Improved songbook mode with midi in XF format
- Optimization of midi saving when channels do not have volume CCs
- Correction of minor anomalies and reported bugs

V 12.0.05
- Minor bugs fixed 
- Many optimizations

V 12.0.04 (cumulative)
- Fixed  bug when saving Pan on WMT files (winlive multi track)
- Fixed bug on songbook chord conversion routine
- Graphic glitch on 'save button' after Youtube
- Pre-listening-cue also usable by 'media explorer'
- Bug fix saving on custom precount (did not read the parameter if set to 1)
- Storage of the last search path in the DB
- Enter and BackSpace keys for navigating folders in DB
- Padlock also active for output audio tracks on WMT files (multitrack)
- Database buffer function restored (like vers. 11) and customizable from settings
- New AUTOMATIC mode for priority karaoke midi (multi-format midi)
- Bug fix for video extraction (and video resaving)
- Conversion of Title UPPER / Lower case also on Author / Artist fields
- New formats for converting to Video format
- Audio sync adjustment when converting to Video format
- Minor bug fixes

WINLIVE 12 - new features for version 12
PLAYER section

* File saving (midi, mp3, cdg, video) in video format (avi, mp4) in different ways even with screen capture
* Synchronization of lyrics and chords also for video files (lyrics and chords in the upper and lower edges of the video)
* View mode as songbook with synchronization
* New ways of displaying texts
* Customizable precount for each midifile
* Customizable midi channel output for each midi file
* Optimizations for tablet version
* Field optimization in database
* File drag-and-drop with booked next file
* Saving in lyrics3 ID3v1 format (e.g. Ketron instruments)
* Physical saving of markers in mp3 also from midi-> mp3 conversion
* New sounds to improve the quality of midifiles
* In media explorer check for the presence of text before playing a file
* Ultra fast search in Media Explorer with new criteria
* Event Management to associate specific events to midi, audio and video files with new implementations
* Possibility in Event Management to create medleys between various files
* Insertion of markers in measures for midifiles
* New rhythms available
* Background playlist with automatic start in moments of pause with new implementations
* Chord time bar in both the primary and secondary monitors
* Dozens of new features suggested by our users

SYNTH section

* New Internal GS/GM+ sound bank of 100 MB HI-Quality Wavetable (SFX sounds included)
* Wavetable with 45 drumkits and 355 sounds 
* New and more and more performing sounds to increase the quality of your midifiles
* New implementations for connecting a midi keyboard to the PC (MIDI IN)
* Winlive digital piano with 4 part Synth and new functions

FREE ADDITIONAL SERVICES expiring on March 31, 2023

* WINLIVE REMOTE CONTROL app to remotely control the main Winlive functions (iOS and Android)
* Renew Youtube functions (The Youtube service being provided by third parties may undergo changes without notice)
* 120 minutes of free remote assistance



WINLIVE 11 - new features for version 11
- Work folders are now in Documents\Winlive.... (non longer in /programfiles/)
- Can save your customized midifile in splitted midi tracks or in audio tracks if synth version and save a metronome track autogenerated
- Audio multitrack implementation  (up to 16 tracks), winlive can create and manage his multitrack file .WMT
- New sound bank with many new sounds and drumkits (synth version only)
- Winlive sound remapping permits to remap sounds or drumkits
- Visual Metronome
- txt/rtf can be played in association with a musical file also 'only in master monitor'
- You can change the audio out for each midi channel when you use internal Synth Engine (only windows)
- You can set each out (WSE out, Main out, Out 2, Out 3) to channel L, R or L+R (useful for splitting left or right with a single sound card)
- Quick button for delete/erase Lyrics or Chords
- Scan MEDIA e TEXT e FILE to reassing if you change path
- You can import an F10list in a 'Database List'
- Loading of your history files (winlive creates many f10 lists of your exectuted songs when exit program)
- Ability to play Video files (mp4,avi... etc..) in auto-background playlist
- Key information in mp3 metatag is imported in database
- Many settigns in second track (or recorded track) with offset setting.
- Many reverber types for your midi if you use WSE synth engine (
- Chords 'duration bar'
- Visual mixer (a quick mixer useful for the main settings ,key : Ctrl+X)
- Now can edit Txt and Media files (associated to midi/audio) directly in performance mode in quick Edit
- You can import a single songlist from another database to current database
- K and L now can change also pdf page (useful on mac where pagUp and pagDown are difficult to find)
- Improved chord position on text with new chord stand mode
- For tablet pc , tap on Top / below of screen to  pdf/txt/rtf page change
- Performance optimization and faster loading of program partsa
- Small new functions and minor bug fixes
- Audio prewiev for video files (useful to set cue point)
- Video files can have a proper audio out
- Better midi 'save as' function 



Finally available, a little revolution for big results!
Here the main news compared to version 9
-Renewed graphic, new icons and innovative functions directly recalled with buttons
-Engine karaoke revisited and optimized for the reading recalling the changes of pages optimally
-Scrolling text up to 8 text lines with graphic effects through libraries direct3d9 (only for Windows)
-New regulatory scrolling text window with the possibility to adjust speed,colous,graphic effects,shadows etc.
-Moving images as wallpaper recalled casually even from an images folder
-New sound library with new exclusive DrumKits and realistic Instruments. The new bank counts 338 melodic sounds and 30 Drumkits (available only for Synth version)
-New function Media Explorer renovated totally
-Ultra-fast search in Media Explorer even among hundreds of thousands of files
-Creation of customized lists with saving in the Media Explorer in the format with F10 lists
-Viewing lessors with description
-Highlighting orphans (missed files) already in the songlist
-Control of orphans speeded and endless
-Selection of files duplicated with new dedicated functions 
-Possibility to zoom PDF files
-New function Youtube with controls forward/back/stop/etc...(only for Windows)
-Physical revisitated saving of midis with possibilities to insert volumes in permanent format
-Graphic equalizer on internal Synth
-Lineup of background with regolation of waiting seconds
-Clone monitor of main monitor or karaoke monitor
-Assignment of any melody track in midifiles (default channel midi 4)
-Possibility to view only the cords (without text or notes)in pentagram
-Loading of midi lessors even though they are not in the database on the reserved base
-New implementation of volume change with viewing of the equivalent midi (0-127)
-Fast mixer more accessible in edit mode
-Possibilty to view corrent song and tones in karaoke monitor
-Control functions utility and restoration  (codec or engine vlc etc...)
-External metronome with an easy management with 2 audio exits even with Synth currently in use
-Function of disabilitation MFX for slow computers below the minimal configuration (breaks down 15 times more than the use of cpu)
-Manual regolation of the dimension of the window explorer/database
-Optional replacement of the rod start singing in the main monitor (less intrusive)
-Strenghthening of the search function in database with new filters and possibilities to select accordint to the new filter
-Fast Copy/Paste in the database for the areas 'Artist,Author,Notes and Genre,Media,Textfile
-Multi insertation area even for Media and TextFile to assign file associated to a song group in just one time
-Improved event editor with timing information in real time and highlighting event
-Saving the position of the justified on karaoke non-scrolling text
-Remote service valid until 31/3/2021
-Restoration of the quota for Youtube keys (only for Windows)
-A lot of new mini functions and improvements
-Correction of numerous little Bugs



ver 9.0.20
- Mixing video with start locator fixed 
- ESC features in database to cancel textual modify
- Minor textual bugs fixes



ver 9.0.18 
- Flag import WMV in database (only WINDOWS)
- New engine VIDEO-MP4 , stable! (only MAC)
- Various optimizations

ver 9.0.17 [22 may 2019]
- Random next song better implementation
- Now  .wma files are compatible in Background songs playlist.
- FILL button added to Remix Style for midifiles
- Various optimizations

ver 9.0.16 [6 may 2019]
- New feature 'Youtube song list available' (windows version only)
- Minor bugs fixed

ver 9.0.12 - 9.0.14 [3 apr 2019]
- New parameter ' VOLUME SONG'  in the event window
- Minor bugs fixed

ver 9.0.10 [4 of march 2019]
- New video engine (mp4,avi etc..) more accurate based on famous VLC player
- Increased .lrc compatibility , also with wide chars codify
- Midi chord editor reviewed

Main features compared to WINLIVE PRO/PRO SYNTH 8

PLAYER section
Reading CDG files in .zip format
Reading LRC files
Event editor to associate personal events to both midi and audio files
Quick icons editor with new functions
Audio mixing also with video files
Enhanced media explorer
Field entry Genre in the database with automatic recognition if present in the mp3 tags
Enhanced search with addition by file type and genre
Possibility to display the genre in the song list
Full page view for databases with more than 18000 files
Enhancement and optimization of the database with new functions
Import of VanBasco playlists with tonal parameters, silent channels, etc.
Pan editor for audio and video files
MPX function for audio files with tracks divided into left and right
Melody preview bar also in the main monitor
Integrated video codec repair / installation function
Support for windows tablets in portrait mode (vertical)
Free remote assistance (available only for WINLIVE PRO 9 and WINLIVE PRO SYNTH 9 versions)
Dozens and dozens of new small features reported by thousands of our users


SYNTH section (Synth Orchestra)
New Internal GS/GM+ sound bank of 96 MB HI-Quality Wavetable (SFX sounds included)
Wavetable with 27 drumkits and 333 sounds 


WINLIVE PRO / PRO SYNTH versione 8 / 8.1

WINDOWS and MACos compatible (8.1)

Main news in the WINLIVE PRO/PRO SYNTH 8 version in comparison to version PRO/PRO SYNTH 7:


-Midi remix styled using a library containing more than 200 new rhythms
 Possibility to easily replace the rhythm to a midifile and save it in the database
-Background video animations
 Graphic animations to use into your karaoke monitor for a more and more endearing karaoke
-PDF files reading
 It is now possible to use Winlive as a real digital music stand compatible with PDF files and associate them to the songs in your database
-Deeper missing files research
 Automatically search for missing files in folders and sub-folders on your PC
-New types of sorting in your song lists
-Newly added speed dials
-MP3 reading with chords from SongSevice library (M-live)
-Physical saving of MP3 and WAVE files

 Other than chords, you'll be able to save other parameters (volume, key, equalization, Gain, MFx, etc...)
-Exporting audio songs through a second audio track (E.G. second recording track)
-Synth engine in its 4.0 version 
(only Synth Edition)
 New and more and more performing sounds to increase the quality of your midifiles
-Implementation of low latency WASAPI drivers (only Synth Edition)
 It is possible to low latency play a midi keyboard directly linked to your computer
-Delay effect management on every midi track (only Synth Edition)
-Multi effect management on sounds from inner Synth with more than 20 selectable MFX on every midi track (only Synth Edition)
-Dozens and dozens of small new functions suggested by our users

Adviced configuration: 2Gb Ram, 200 Mb Free storage on HD and i3 CPU or higher
Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 both 32 and 64 bit

Improved chord position on text with new chord stand mode



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