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Winlive 7.0.10

V 7.0.10
-Graphic optimization for last Win10 update (creator update) 
-New kar style added (very outlined)
-Minor bugs fixed


V 7.0.07
-Advanced management of YTB files with database function like import / export
-Added another mp3+text included format (compatibilty increased)
-Minor Bugs fixed

V 7.0.06
-RePlay video files enabled after stop them
-Minor Bugs fixed


V 7.0.04 - 7.0.05 
-YouTube song management added (you can search from youtube api and add to database)
-Increased Mp3 + Text built-in compatibility
​-Minor Bugs fixed

V 7.0.01 - 7.0.02 - 7.0.03

-Some Bugs fixed


...more and more efficient...more and more live !!

-Winlive DJ Control mode with BPM recognition fpr  Audio files with real time effects application
-Metrodrummer (eletronic drums with pre-set rhythms) and midifiles synchro possibility
-Background playlist / background songs
-"Tempo" parameter management in the songlist
-Playlist order by "Tempo" criteria
-Tempo or tempo range research
-Flowing subtitles on karaoke monitor management
-Storable lyrics in SYLT format 
-Storable video files (.avi, .mp4 etc...) to Audio format (.wav or .mp3)
-Possibility to write lyrics on heavy .wav files
-Programme launch reduction
-Improved performance on audio files loading
-Possibility to import in database each songs uploaded "on the fly" during performance
-'Quick icons' buttons during performance for an immediate access to other sections
-Conversion from midi to audio / .mp3 (Pro Synth only) now stores even chords other than lyrics
-Added on the fly flag "Do not insert in SIAE list" (useful for soundcheck too)
-Evolved mixing editor with max. 5 different live time liable to recall monitors (H button)
-Improved touch screen management with possibility to scroll down the songlist through dragging
-Windows tablets optimization
-Music files associated images stretching (E.G. when visualizing mixer)
-Compatibility with new .mp3 formats (nonavailable before)
-Improved chords editingn in midifiles
-Powered and more stable audio management
-Improved metronome on midis (various measure changes on single files are now calculated!)
-Improved tempo readingon midifiles when imported
-remote assistance available for latest version update only


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