Winlive Synth Driver WSD 3.0

Professional virtual midi synthesizer: standalone and driver software for WINDWS and MAC (ONLINE License Instant Activation)

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Winlive Synth Driver WSD 3.0

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Professional virtual midi synthesizer: standalone and driver software for WINDWS and MAC (ONLINE License Instant Activation)


New version 3.0.01 (windows) / New version 3.0.01 (MAC)

- Conversion midi to wave with modification
- Optimization and less latency
- New sounds

Winlive Synth Driver is a powerful multitimbral (up tu 16 part) virtual synthesizer, comptible GM/GS.

Midiplayer Stand alone or as a Windows multimedia user driver, accessible as a standard MIDI Out device
Up to 128 polifony notes with a new concept sound base on compressed wave-table of 80 MB of memory.
Software contains about 368 hi-quality Sound. 
This software can be used like a sound module, it permit low latency (until 50 ms /  20-30 ms on MAC) and can be connected to a Digital Keyboard using midi-In port.



-[NEW!!]Ver 3.0 WINDOWS or 3.0 MAC : ALL GS sounds are added, in particular EFX section is now complete!

- Support for 64 bit programs added
- Directly accessible as MIDI Out device or as a Midiplayer stand alone
- Compatibility: GM+  ,All GM sounds plus 1, 2 ,3 or more variations, sysex input with reset received multi drumkit tracks on channe 9 or 11.
* New Internal GS/GM+ sound bank of 96 MB HI-Quality Wavetable (SFX sounds included)
* Wavetable with 34 drumkits and 344 sounds Pro, Natural e Real sounds are very hi quality sounds wiith natural vibrato, multi zone and multi velocity timbre.

- 16 Multitimbric 
- Max Polyphony : 128 note 
- Rendering to 16bit 44100 / 48000  
- Buttons fast access: M Melody On/off, B only Bass and Drum, D only Drum, A All instruments
- Drum Part Editor for set dynamics of DrumKit Parts or put them in mute singulary

COMPATIBLE with Windows Seven, Win 8, Win 8.1, Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)
COMPATIBLE with MAC : Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra

After the purchase, automatically, you will receive via email the activation codes. 
You can use up to 3 activations per license even on different computers

*Not all versions of XP or VISTA can be fully compatibles

Resources about Winlive Synth Driver WSD 3.0

Video Demo of Winlive Synth Driver 2.0


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