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DJ's software

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Winlive Dj 1.7

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DJ's software

Here below there’s a list containing the main features that make Winlive dj so special, unique and reliable:
it is specific for professional djs or amateur djs, digital music enthusiasts, Entertainers, piano-bar singers.
It’s very easy , for an user, to personalize and to set parameters, as well as to pre-program a song list and to make it play with a quickly click. That’s what makes the software easy for everyone, experts and beginners.
Moreover, the shortcuts commands can help you bypass menus and carry out commands directly, so it’s very helpful ,during a show ,to operate fastly and easily, as well as helpful for beginners who have no a thorough knowledge of softwares.
With Winlive dj you really feel like you're making music with specific instrumentation, mixer and effects, even if you don’t; and you can do it all trough your personal computer.

Read the following details:
    * 2 virtual channels for mp3 and wave files reproduction
    * Tempo (-15%, +15%) pitch and volume settings with no distortion
    * BMP recognition
    * Interlocking bmp system between 2 channels
    * KillBass function
    * Pitch-Bend function
    * Distinct Equalizers  for each channel
    * Real time cue point entry
    * Real time Loop function
    * Cd rom player
    * Interacting virtual pad for special effects application:
      low pass filter, high pass  filter, flanger, mouse or notebook touch-pad resonance
    * Automatic song mixing
    * Song list selection
    * Locators settings and many programming parameters as pitch ,tempo, song equalization
    * 8 audio samples; polyphony versions are also available.
    * Double sound card instead of a single sound card
    * Automatic deletion of initial Silence when a song starts playing
    * Interaction with external program of normalization
    * Keyboard shortcuts
    * Each channel supports ,individually, many different DIRECT X effects

      -          volume compression
      -          echo
      -          transfer
      -          flanger
      -          resonance

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