Aggiornamento da WSD a WSD 4

Upgrading from Winlive Synth driver (previous versions 4) to Winlive Synth Driver 4

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Aggiornamento da WSD a WSD 4

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Upgrading from Winlive Synth driver (previous versions 4) to Winlive Synth Driver 4

ATTENTION, Read carefully before updating
A new version of WINLIVE SYNTH DRIVER, version 4, is available
The update is currently free.
The program has been sonically enhanced and offers new functions.
Furthermore, it will be possible to manage the activations yourself if you want to remove an activation from one computer for any reason to install it on another.
As with version 3 licenses, the program can be used simultaneously on a maximum of 2 computers.
By proceeding with the update, all activations of versions prior to version 4 of WINLIVE SYNTH DRIVER will be deactivated and will no longer be usable as the program has been updated to version 4.
If you decide not to update, you will be able to continue using the previously installed and activated version. As support for Winlive Synth Driver 3 ends, there will be no more updates for previous versions.

Winlive Synth Driver 4 simulates a midi instrument device, compatible with all Windows and Mac software equipped with Midi Input implementation, with a functional and intuitive graphic interface allowing:

Up to 128 notes of polyphony and over 490 sounds drawn from a highly refined wavetable,
study your bases by sending the tracks to the Piano, listen to your instruments.

All the power of a true midi sound expander in a simple and immediate driver software.

Technical specifications

NEW 4.0

- Added more GS/GM sounds with matching SFX
- GM/GM+/GS/GM2/XG compatibility for almost total audio compatibility with all midi songs
- Remap function to automatically switch between ICE bank and Standard bank
- Added ICE SOUNDS from PRO SYNTH 13 versions
- Graphic equalizer with presets
- Compatible with 64-bit Midiplayer
- Optimization for Karafun
- GM+ type sound bank (All GM sounds plus 1,2,3 or more variations per patch), reception of sysex reset messages and second channel message for drums (9 or 11)

180 MB high quality internal GS/GM+ sound bank (SFX sounds included)
Wavetable composed of 52 DrumKits and 445 Instrumental Sounds
The Pro, Natural and Real sounds are sampled sounds with natural vibrato on many stereo zones and velocity switches
ICE sounds (marked *) have even greater accuracy and are sampled using a PMS-patented filtering method that allows for crystal-clear, natural reproduction
- 16 multi-timbral parts
- Maximum polyphony: 128 notes (settable in a range between 8 and 128)
- CD quality rendering - 16bit 44100
- Quick buttons: M Melody Yes/No, B only Bass and Drums, D only Drums, A all instruments
- Drum Part Editor to adjust the dynamics of the various drum parts or exclude them
- Midi Input for connection to a Master Keyboard with latency reduced up to 20 ms

Windows 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (32 and 64 bit)
Mac OSx: Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra

For each license you will receive the program activation codes via email.
You can use up to 2 activations for each license even on different computers
*not all versions of XP and Vista may be fully compatible


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