Crossgrade Winlive HOME to Winlive Pro 10

Crossgrade from WINLIVE HOME (any version) to WINLIVE PRO 10 (ONLINE License Instant Activation)

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Crossgrade Winlive HOME to Winlive Pro 10

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Crossgrade from WINLIVE HOME (any version) to WINLIVE PRO 10 (ONLINE License Instant Activation)

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Main features

PLAYER section

Playing of various media files (midi, kar, mp3, mp3+lrc, wav, cdg,, avi, mpg, mp4, flv, wma, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, bmp, ytb youtube, pdf)
Many keyboard shortcuts and limited use of the mouse
Key transpose for MIDI files, audio and video
* Renovated graphics, new icons and innovative functions that can be called up directly with the keys
* Scrolling text (only for Windows version)
* Images as a moving background can be recalled randomly even from an image folder
* New sound library (only for Synth version)
* New Media Explorer function
* Ultra fast search in Media Explorer even among hundreds of thousands of files
* Creation of customized lists with saving in the Media Explorer
* Cue points with description
* Improved database management
* Selection of duplicate files with new dedicated functions
* Ability to zoom PDF files for proper viewing on the monitor
* New Youtube functions with forward / reverse / stop controls etc ..
* Physical saving of midi revisited with the possibility of inserting volumes in fixed format
* Graphic equalizer on the internal Synth

Event editor to associate personal events to midi, audio and video files
Quick icons editor with new features
Audio mixing also with video files
Import of VanBasco playlists with tonal parameters, silent channels, etc.
Record your voice over midi or audio files
Background video animations
Graphic animations to use into your karaoke monitor for a more and more endearing karaoke
Winlive DJ Control mode with BMP recognition for Audio files with real time effects application
Metrodrummer (eletronic drums with preset rhythms) and midifiles synchro possibility
Midi remix styled using a library containing more than 220 rhythms
* New rhythms available
Possibility to easily replace the rhythm to a midifile and save it in the database
Pan editor for audio and video files
MPX function for audio files with tracks divided into left and right
* Background playlist with automatic start in moments of pause and setting of seconds to wait
Preview the audio files on your secondary device (E.G. Headphones)
Evolved mixing editor with max 5 different live time liable to recall monitors 
Book with fade out or mixing between Audio song and Midi
Effect insertion on main or secondary/recorded Audio tracks
Possibility to match a midi file with an audio file or vice versa or two audio tracks
Exporting audio songs through a second audio track (E.G. second recording track)
Dual monitor support (karaoke monitor) for Video and CDG files too
* Clone monitor of main monitor or karaoke monitor
Melody preview bar
Integrated video codec repair / installation function
Flowing subtitles management for karaoke monitor 
Database for managing files and related settings
Deeper missing files research
Automatically search for missing files in folders and sub-folders on your PC
* Highlighting of orphans (missing file) already in the songlist
User sound editor for the creation of new sound banks
User drumkit editor for new drumkits creation
Audio Samples editor for real-time insertion up to 100 samples
Managing Volume, Effects, timbre, resonance, Transpose, Sustain, etc .. for each midi track
Storing virtual or physical changes for each song
Management of up to 16 different devices for midi
Import text in TXT, RTF, PDF format (electronic music-stand)
Support for windows tablets in portrait mode (vertical)
Various karaoke display methods, also different for secondary screen (Karaoke Monitor)
Display chords on the text
* Assignment of the melody to any midi channel (default midi channel 4)
Possibility to edit the individual notes of the drum track
Ability to associate a text, image or pdf to an Audio or Midi
Insert your custom lyrics and chords for Midi and Audio (stored in meta tags of the media file)
SongService (M-live) format compatibility
MP3 reading with chords from SongService library (M-live)
Physical saving of MP3 and WAVE files
Other than chords, you'll be able to save other parameters (volume, key, equalization, Gain, MFx, etc...)
Saving lyrics even in SYLT format
Saving video files to audio files (wav,mp3)
Wave to mp3 converter
Sophisticated search engine with different criteria
Extraction and conversion from Cd to mp3 or wave
Volumes compressor for both Audio and Midi Files
Quick icons buttons during performance for an immediate access to other sections
Up to 10 locators for each song
Lyrics and chords insertion for Midi and Mp3
Images as background insertion
Cover function to change the feeling of midifiles
General volume, compression parameters and main audio engine emphasizing
Grooves import in both midi and audio formats
Cue point management with detailed info such as: insert text, images, loops, jumps key change at specific points ecc..
Visualization of sheets and simplified notes on midi files
Auto chord recognition from midi files
Display of notes on piano keyboard for educational use
Possibility to merge more databases
* WINLIVE REMOTE CONTROL app to remotely control the main Winlive functions (available in the next free updates)
* Dozens of new features suggested by our users
* Renew Youtube functions available only for WINLIVE 10 series versions
* Free remote assistance (available only for WINLIVE PRO 10 and WINLIVE PRO SYNTH 10 versions)

Intuitive, functional and performing

*Suggested configuration Windows: 2Gb Ram, 200 Mb Free storage on HD and i3 CPU or higher

*Suggested configuration MAC: 3Gb Ram, 1200 Mb Free storage on HD and i3 CPU or higher

*Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 both 32 and 64 bit
*Compatible with Mac OSx  (tested up to Catalina)

Note for MAC users: some functionalities may be different o may be not present on mac version

After the purchase, automatically, you will receive via email the activation codes. 
You can use up to 4 activations per license even on different computers


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